How To Survive the Retail Floor

On the retail floor, it’s complete madness. Where ever you look, customers will be waving you down, trashing the aisles, making you question your sanity. And, as retail workers, we have to keep our calm and deal with the situations that want to makes us scream and cry and rip our leg hairs out. As... Continue Reading →


Things I Wish I Knew Before Working Retail

For some reason, retail always looks like such an easy job. But in reality, it’s nothing close to being easy. NOTHING. I remember when I was younger and every time I’d walk into a retail store, I’d think about how cool it must be to work there. And honestly, I blame TV for making me,... Continue Reading →

5 Most Common Retail Customers

Customers; an incredible species to the retail world. All so diverse yet many all so similar. Keeping an eye out for certain types of customers should be a new series on the discovery channel. Instead of shark week, its retail week, where the annoying, most frequent customers invade the retail floors, stalking and fooling their... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Trigger Word?

A four-letter word, a synonym for woman, a word that could ignite my inner bitch. Do not, I repeat, do not call a female worker: lady. I have a name tag for a reason. I have a name for a reason. If you don’t  know it, please look at my name tag. If you don’t... Continue Reading →

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