HACK: How to Properly Ask a Retail Worker for Assistance

Customers need to remember that there are 5,000 of them and only 1 of us. We are not a voice mailing system that after a beep you can record your message and we’ll get back to you. We are here to help customers one at a time. Emphasis on ONE AT A TIME.

It’s a frustrating situation when you’re helping a customer and another customer rudely interrupts as if their question is the most important, as if our answer is like the cure to cancer; it has to be known. Why should there be any form of morality in a public place? Who cares who hunted us down first, who waited to ask their question patiently, like a civilized human being rather than barging in like a caveman. Anyways I’m getting off topic now… back to what I was saying.

When they want to interrupt you and another customer…Ummm no! // Source: GIPHY

Now I understand, when customers go into a store, and we’re low on staff and it feels like Kim Kardashians marriage ended faster than they can find an employee, I get it, I really do. But when a customer sees us talking with another customer and they decide to interrupt we will either:

  1. Be pissed off
  2. Ignore you
  3. Lose all motivation to help you
  4. Lowkey sass you
  5. Did I mention be pissed off?


So many unanswered questions!// Source: GIPHY

Why would they want that? Why would they want to piss off the person who they need help from?  Some may say it’s entertaining, as entertaining as fidget spinners. Some may use interrupting other customers as marking dominance. What’s the next phase? Peeing on our legs to show that they’re the only ones we can help in the entire store?

Customers need to understand that we will not interrupt someone to prioritize them over the others. We will not be called useless, impatient, ignorant, stupid, worthless and whatever else comes to their minds when they throw their temper tantrums because they have to wait another .5 seconds till we are done with the other customer.

We retail workers need to save the retail world from obnoxious customers by providing them with a single tip to save them from a pissed off retail worker and that is for them to WAIT. THEIR. TURN.

It’s quite mind-blowing // Source: GIPHY

It’s as simple as that! Customers should understand that there are no secret tricks or hidden hacks. It’s common sense. They wouldn’t like it if someone had interrupted them. They would expect the other person to wait their turn. But sadly, some customers don’t get that. We don’t need customers to wave at us, stare us down or let us smell their tuna fish sandwich breaths because they’re standing too close. We just need them to wait. If they followed this one simple rule, they would easily be able to see that the experience would be more enjoyable for the both of us.

Source: GIPHY

Customers, we promise you, our left hands placed on our minimum wage pay checks, and our right hands raised in the air, if you wait your turn, you won’t regret it.

Please like and comment some crazy scenarios you’ve encountered with the rude interrupters and how you dealt with them. We’d all love to hear!


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