What’s Your Trigger Word?

A four-letter word, a synonym for woman, a word that could ignite my inner bitch. Do not, I repeat, do not call a female worker: lady. I have a name tag for a reason. I have a name for a reason. If you don’t  know it, please look at my name tag. If you don’t want to know it, then don’t look. But do not call me Lady if you want helpful service.

Please, just don’t say the “L” word // Source: GIPHY

There’s something that erks me about the word lady. Out of all the ways customers can try to get my attention for assistance, they choose to call me lady.    A simple hello would suffice. But its 2017, why try being polite now? There’s just something so rude about the word Lady, or in actuality how customers say it.

I don’t want to be waved down like a dog while they yell out “lady”. I don’t need them to be rude to me and spit out “Lady”. I don’t need to hear that four letter word that drives me nuts.

rolling eyes
Source: GIPHY

I never would have thought that this one little word would make me want to roll my eyes all the way back to the 1980s… but it does. I want to smack my head against a wall to take the cringing pain away. I’d rather be called anything else then that dreaded word.

The Dark Lord his here and is ready to cast his unforgivable curse!// Source: GIPHY

Lady. L.A.D.Y. Should be known as the name that shall not be spoken. The name only given to someone worth the title… maybe Voldemort… I mean the one who shall not be named. Call the Dark Lord Lady and he might cast an Unforgivable Curse… AVADA KEDAVRA!!! Bam you’re finito! Call me lady and it’s like I’ve been hit with CRUCIO, excruciating pain. Excuse my Harry Potter fan girl moment, but you get the point. And if not let me lay it out simply:

Customer + Saying Lady = AVADA KEDAVRA (instant death)

Employee + Hearing Lady= CRUCIO (excruciating pain)

            Do we get the fictional and pointless math layout? I hope we do.

Either way the point is made. Lady causes pain, physically and mentally. Yes, I am proud to be a woman. Yes, I love being one. But I do not need to be called Lady. I know what I am, I know that the customer will know what I am, and I know that using anything else other than lady will save you from my unforgivable curse and save me from losing my job.

Please comment a word that drives you nuts that customers call you! I’m sure we’d all love (and/or cringe) to hear! We can bear through this pain together!


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