I am a bitter retail worker. I was a person in need of a job and I settled for retail. For $11.40 an hour I am not just an employee, I am so much more. I am an emotional punching bag to customers, a language interrupter, a baby sitter, a garbage man and whatever else customers want to use and abuse me as. Don’t I sound qualified?

I started out loving my job, being so excited to help customers, but as the months rolled by my patience and sanity left with them. I began noticing all the frequent and constant questions and actions that were being done/asked and how much they mind boggled me. Working retail for over a year and a half now, my brain is fried and in desperate need to let these constant internal struggles out.

This blog is meant as an escape from the retail floor; a safe haven for retail workers everywhere to know that they are not alone when dealing with the situations that we constantly have to deal with. Our minimum wage pay checks connect us, the ends of our last nerves connect us, and slowly but surely, we will get through this together.

With a light hearted out look, we can laugh, relate, console and if you would like, even angry cry about all the things that customers do to aggravate us. And if you’re a customer (which we all are), and are guilty of these acts, now you know the secret confessions of a bitter retail worker.



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